Locally Operated Elevator Company In California

Locally Operated Elevator Company In California

If you are outside of our area, give us a call and we will refer you to an elevator company near you. Pac West Elevator Inc. is a locally owned and operated elevator company located in the Greater Sacramento Area, CA. We have been in the elevator industry since 1991 and take pride in the quality we provide to our clients. We are committed to our work and respond professionally and courteously towards our clients.

Our Goal Is To Serve You

Our Goal Is To  Serve You

It is our goal to provide quality products and services at an exceptional value. We strongly believe that you should have the freedom to choose your products and recommendations for your elevators. We are here to serve you and your specific needs.

Highly Trained & Experienced Staff

Highly Trained & Experienced Staff

Our staff members are highly trained and experienced in the residential and commercial elevator industry. We will work to provide you with comprehensive solutions to your elevator needs.

PAC West Elevator INC.

C-11 Contractor Licensed, Insured & Highly Certified

Before hiring a contractor for your home or office improvement projects, make sure they are a licensed contractor. Many contractors perform elevator work outside of their licensed qualifications and their scope of expertise. At Pac West Elevator, our technicians have specialized C-11 contractor’s licenses to install and maintain all categories of elevators and lifts.

FAQ's Elevators

FAQ's Elevators
How often should my elevators be maintained?
  • High traffic hydraulic elevators should be serviced at least once per month.
  • High traffic traction elevators should be serviced at least twice per month depending on how much it is used.
  • For all freight elevators, it is best to service once a month.
  • Industrial Rack and Pinions should be serviced once a month except during outages, which should then be performed once a week.
When does my commercial elevator need to be tested and inspected?
  • The State of California requires a state inspection once every two years.
  • All elevators installed prior to 2006, must have a full load and safety system check every five years. A drop test for traction elevators and system pressure check for hydraulic units is also required
  • A drop test for traction elevators and system pressure-check for hydraulic units is also required. 
  • All elevators installed after 2006, must have the safety system checked and have load tested annually.
When does my residential elevator or lift need to be serviced and inspected?

Your home elevator or wheelchair lift is an investment. To keep your equipment reliable and running as intended, we recommend you schedule an annual service visit. Pac West Elevator Inc., recommends a minimum of one service per year for preventative maintenance, and to foresee any wearable part replacement. Annual service visits can prevent downtime and accessibility issues. Most manufacturer warranties require a yearly service by a licensed elevator mechanic.